The idea of building a blog comes obviously first and foremost from the love of film itself. However, never have I thought before to start into journalism, looking at professionals writing in a clear articulation yet being as concise as possible until I became engaged to social media in my high school days. Following several film-related Instagram account that reviews and discussing film alongside the visual-aesthetic posts, I realized that in this era everyone could be a critique (or casual reviewers at the very least) and after practicing writing several time, I believe it is the time for me to share my writings to the world, no matter how people may perceive it.

Acinemalens isn’t only a place for writers to honed their writing skills while also developing their knowledge about film intrinsically and extrinsically, but also a platform for people to gain insight and understanding of film no matter how subjective it is. We might be small, having little knowledge about film knowledge at this point. However, we hope that you all could support and give feedbacks, creating discussion for us to learn and grow together, achieving the goal to understand film through a cinema lens perspective.