Movie Genre: Comedy

The Suicide Squad (2021) Review: The Real Film That Should Had been Released in 2016

The Suicide Squad delivers James Gunn most polished work with a violent, anarchic contemptuous humour that surprisingly has a lot of heart.

One Cut of the Dead (2017): A Wholesome Love Letter to All Filmmakers

Originally inventive and absurdly over-the-top, One Cut of The Dead is a non-stop ride from the beginning that pack a twist filled with laughter while it is also an inspiring love letter for amateur filmmakers out there.

Soul (2020): A Life Changing Animation

Unlike most Pixar films, Soul might not contain a powerful emotional story (although it still have its amazing animation and ear-inducing soundtrack) but its philosophical core establishes Soul to be a relatable, moving story that could change people’s perception on life.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013): Relatably Feels Good

The relatability of the main character and warmness of the story helps The Secret Life of Walter Mitty to overcome its cringe, overabundant inconsistent style as well as its first act flaw.

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