Movie Genre: Drama

Cities of Last Things (2018): Stylistic, Unique Melodrama Narrative

The excel of cinematography and concept compared to its convoluted story and structure might create the perception of style over substances. Only when everything is connected it become a spark that, Cities of Last Thing is a complex character journey layered with critics that are remarkably ambitious.

American Psycho (2000): On-point to American Capitalism

American Psycho is a sharp, on-point social criticism of the capitalism world in 1980s that are still so relevant until now with a phenomenal performance from Christian Bale, even if the self-consciousness neglects the storytelling at some point.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013): Relatably Feels Good

The relatability of the main character and warmness of the story helps The Secret Life of Walter Mitty to overcome its cringe, overabundant inconsistent style as well as its first act flaw.

Mank (2020): A Usual Triumph of Fincher’s Stylistic Direction

While Gary Oldman’s phenomenal performance can’t help the film reaching its emotional overturn due to its overloaded historical context, there’s no denying that Mank is a triumph in visual and audio style that resonate the golden age of Hollywood thanks to David Fincher’s direction.

The Devil All The Time (2020): Performances Excels Everything

The convoluted story and extreme violence overshadowed of what could be the masterpiece of the year. At least the cast performance (especially Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson dark turn) able to overcome these flaws and made the film more watchable than it should be.

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