Netflix Animated Shorts Review: Hidden Gems To Spent Quick

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Sitara: Let Girls Dream (2020)

Directed by: Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

Written by: Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

2020 | Pakistan | 15 min.

Now moving to the other side of the world where another problem persists: male patriarchy. Pakistan, the second populous country in the world still mainly has issues with women due to existing tradition or (less likely) money shortage. We see two young girls who dreamt to become pilots, only got crushed due to conservative beliefs that the father holds. It’s surely not the most eye-catching and smoothest animation out there. Yet the provided story is enough to balance the buoyant and grim tone, co-existing with each other to tell a hopeful message. (4/5)


Canvas (2020)

Directed by: Frank E. Abney III

Written by: Frank E. Abney III

2020 | USA | 9 min.

If all of the previous shorts touch on the social issues, ‘Canvas’ tells a more personal one., It represents the story of almost all struggling artists that lost their passion. In this case, our main character is in grief with the death of his wife. With a more standard approach, ‘Canvas’ has the quality of Pixar animation. But even the nicest quality painting can’t be regarded as a masterpiece of artwork when it lacks depth. And that’s what ‘Canvas’ lacks. Yet similar to any artwork, it’s up to the audience to interpret this short. (3/5)

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